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Wine Storage Solutions: Ideal Conditions And Peak Flavors

Are you an oenophile? If you even know what the word means, the chances are that you are indeed a lover of wine. Wine is an almost mystical beverage that came into being simply because yeast is almost everywhere, and when it landed in grape juice or almost any other sweet liquid, it would cause fermentation.

Ancient people found that instead of ruining the grape juice, the yeast changed it into an entirely different drink, and one with a kick, because fermentation also changes any sugar present into alcohol. Ancient peoples also decided that this, too, was not such a bad thing, and began to deliberately make juices, mostly grape juices, into wines.

In that time period wine storage solutions were not so much of a problem. Crocks and ewers were the choices that you had and there was hardly a way of controlling temperature or humidity. This made it uncertain that when you opened the crock if you would find vinegar or wine. The first wine cellars came to be after caves and cellars were found to be good conditions for wine to reach it’s peak.

Wine storage solutions need to provide a variety of features in order to meet the various needs of different wine lovers and homes. For people who store modest wines and whose homes have moderate temperatures, open wine racks provide a good solution. The environment in these homes is friendly to the typical wine and these wine racks will provide the storage necessary for most tastes.

Wine storage coolers can be purchased to control the exact conditions your wine will be stored in. Coolers can be found in a multitude of sizes, ranging from a single bottle cooler, best for individual use, to refrigerated walk-in coolers for extensive collections. An individual’s choice of wine storage solutions will depend on both the size of the collection to be stored and the individual’s budget.

Wine is fussy if it is to stay at its peak, or to reach it by careful aging. The temperature range is pretty narrow, needing to be no lower than 40 degrees and no higher than 65 degrees Fahrenheit with as little variation as possible, and no more than about five degrees. The less frequent temperature variations occur, the better. Less than one time each year is recommended and the humidity should also be kept at more than fifty per cent. The cooler should be light tight or out of direct sun, which can also harm wines.

For wine storage solutions to be effective, the wine bottles must also be stored at the correct angle. Storing the bottles at a completely horizontal angle is best, but anything up to a maximum of 45 degrees is acceptable. Storing them at a less than 25 degree angle is preferable. Racks are the best option in a wine cooler, although some simply are units to stack loose bottles. If possible, allow space for for unusual shapes and sizes of wine bottles, and don’t forget to make the display attractive, especially if the unit will be seen by others.

Wine was first created by the accidental addition of yeast to juice, which caused the mixture to ferment, producing wine. Currently, wine production is a booming business, and most connoisseurs are faced with the decision of what to store their wine in. Wine storage solutions range from simplistic wine racks up to walk-in wine storage coolers, and nearly every variety in between. A rack or cooler can be found for nearly any size collection and price range. Wines are best stored horizontally, or as close to horizontal at possible, at temperatures between 40 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit and with humidity at or above 50% to ensure the best flavor.

– Summer Wilde

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