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Well I Didn’t Know THAT About Coffee

May cause death! Experts have determined that the components of a cup of coffee can be lethal in certain quantities so if you are able to knock back up to 100 cups in a row it could give you a fatal heart attack or some sort of seizure. However, consuming 100 cups of coffee is easier said than done as the actual amount of time it would take to drink 100 cups of coffee would dilute the effect and probably just keep you up all night.

A coffee a day keeps the doctor away! Due to the variety of components in coffee, including a selection of anti-oxidants, the drink can be beneficial to your body, most importantly the digestive system. It’s about the same amount as you might find in a cup of tea, a tin of beans or a bananas but drinking too much will obviously have opposite effects.

Coffee can be a pain killer! Studies have shown that a small influx of caffeine can stimulate the release of endorphins which can block the receptors of pain; this was shown to work in muscular pain from exercise but not in cases of inflicted pain.

There is caffeine in decaf! It’s only marginal but a small amount of caffeine actually exists in decaffeinated coffee. But don’t dump your evening cappuccino as you would have to consume up to 10 cups of decaf to get the amount in one cup of ordinary coffee.

Coffee will make you thin! Although high in stimulants and caffeine, coffee actually contains no calories, however if you are going to fill up on some full fat mocha lattes then don’t expect to lose weight.

Avoid wrinkles with coffee! Due to coffee containing anti-oxidants which are beneficial to the body many skin care ‘experts’ will offer you some sort of coffee-skin-service. In Japan you can cleanse in fermented pineapple pulp mixed with coffee beans even though there is no significant evidence to prove any of this.

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