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We May Be Using Used Coffee Grains In The Future To Help Us Reduce Our Heating Oil Bills

We have now become used to the idea of recycling things. Not only is it good for our pockets but it is also good for the environment. The possibility of using recycled vegetable oil for heating homes is something that has been looked at recently in the UK. However it does seem as though not only vegetable oil could be used in this way. We may also be able to reduce our heating oil bills by using used coffee grounds in the future.


It might come as a surprise to hear that coffee grounds could be used to heat your home. It certainly was something that I had never considered. It turns out though that coffee grounds contain oil and that this can be extracted to create a type of biodiesel. Scientists in the University of Missouri are actually working on the feasibility of using this method of recycling. If it proves practical then maybe it won’t be too long before we will be able to take advantage of this possibility.


Coffee lovers all over the world will be delighted to know that there are even more advantages to drinking this beverage. There are many people out there who are only too keen to point out the negatives of drinking coffee but this might just put a spoke in their works. You can simply tell them that you are doing your bit to cut down on the amount you spend on oil bills. But in fairness it really must be seen as a plus if it can reduce our heating bills in any way and if it even contributes in some way to reducing our carbon footprints. This type of research should definitely be encouraged even if it might take a while before we can actually take advantage of it.


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