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Today Coffee Is All Around Us

There is a young man named Ed who is a blue collar laborer.  When he has completed his daily tasks, he goes to a local restaurant.  He chooses a seat with a nice view.  The waiter brings him his menu and thanks the waiter and he politely hands the waiter back the menu.  He did not need the menu as there is only one item Ed wants and that is what he orders. 

Next we will meet Stanley, he attends the local university and has been enjoying some alcoholic beverages with his classmates.  He stops by his favorite bistro and with a purpose, heads to the front of line.  Without hesitation, he places his order for the only thing that will keep him going at this time.

Unfortunately for Stanley, he is out of luck as the one thing he has been craving is not ready yet and he will have to go else where to attain that which he seeks.

Finally we will take a look at Graves, he is an older man is a correspondent for a local news paper.  He has been walking his beat looking for news stories all day and is ready to pack it in.  His valet meets him at his apartment building and shadows him to the elevator.

After a long hard day on the job, the elevator ride seems endless.  But when he opens the door and gets a whiff of his favorite beverage, he feels a bliss that is unknown anywhere else.

The reason for introducing you to these three characters is to show what a wide range of people there are that enjoy coffee.  No matter what your age group, socio economic status or career, every one from every walk of life loves coffee and will go to any length to enjoy their favorite brew no matter where or what they have to do to get it.

Coffee was historically used to aid those who were on long trips by carriage to have the energy to continue on.  It would help put the travelers in a better mood and would increase the conversation and make for a more spirited trip for all passengers who were on the journey.

More and more are using coffee for more than just stimulation however.  In these fast paced times, many would rather relax with a nice cup of coffee and just unwind from their daily grind and stresses that all of us feel.

This wonderfully versatile drink can do more than just revive, rejuvenate and relax a person, it is also a great way to spend time with your friends in social situations as well.

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