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The Keurig B155 Coffee Maker – Worlds Finest Keurig Coffee Brewer

The Keurig B155 Commercial coffee maker is specicially designed for use in small to medium sized businesses, medical offices and home offices and offers more ways to personalize the actual java making experience. It includes a new one-of-a-kind, interactive touchscreen user interface that allows users to walk through a number of functions, and a simple to fill, removable water reservoir – their largest at 90 ounces – can make up to 18 cups of coffee prior to requiring a refill.

Like all Keurig brewers, the B155 uses Keurig’s patented K-Cup portion packs eliminating the hassle of grinding coffee beans, measuring coffee, dealing with filters and messy clean-up while brewing a gourmet cup of coffee or tea in less than one minute. With over 200 various coffee, tea as well as hot cocoa options to choose from, everybody in the office can find something they want to consume.
The Keurig B155 is available through a Keurig Official Rep, or online at for $249.95.

You’ll not need a small business to buy one. If you want the features you can order one of these java machines even if you’re a home user.

Keurig Presents First Single Serve commercial Coffee Machine with Touch Screen User Interface.
The adaptable coffee machine is specifically designed for use in small to medium sized businesses, medical offices and home offices and offer different ways to personalize the coffee brewing experience.
The brand new model has a unique, interactive full-color touchscreen that allows employees, clients, customers and patients to customize the heat as well as strength of brew to their taste.

“The Keurig B155 coffee machine makes it simple to select, brew and enjoy the perfect cup of coffee in less than one minute, with virtually no mess to clean up. The interactive touchscreen allows users to customize their cup of coffee and walks them through the simple brewing process step-by-step.” Like all Keurig Commercial Series brewers, B155 provide offices the ability to deliver fresh, gourmet coffee with ease. The full-color, interactive touch screen interface with step-by-step instructions in English, French, or Spanish makes it simple for even new Keurig users to enjoy.
Features of the B155 :

1. Variety of brew sizes: 4 oz., 6 ounce., 8 ounce., 10 ounce. and strength options to satisfy everyone’s tastes.
2. A ninety oz. water tank that produces up to eighteen cups and is Keurig’s largest available reservoir
3. A UL-rating for home and professional use
4. Multi-language support – Thе interactive feature οf thе touch screen Ñ–Ñ• available Ñ–n English, French аnԁ Spanish.
5. A drainable inner hot water tank for simple transport and storage
6. Energy Saving Program allowing brewers to turn off instantly two hours after the last cup is brewed
7. Ability for the whole office to choose from a wide variety of java, teas and cocoas offered by  dozen of the world’s finest java brands
8. Custom accessories to keep coffee station looking put-together and organized
9. The My K-Cup is not suitable for the B155 Home  or Office Brewing System.


Final words:
Plenty οf coffee makers аnԁ coffee brewers hаνе hit thе market until now, bυt one look аt thе features οf thе Keurig B155 аnԁ уου wουƖԁ know thаt Ñ–t Ñ–Ñ• Ñ–n a different league.  

With this single serve coffee maker from Keurig you now  have the ultimate tool to make gourmet coffee drinks  in no time. Nobady will give you a hard time because you did not know how to make coffee like they make it at Local cafe.

And with over 220 different coffee, tea and hot cocoa varieties from more than a 12 gourmet coffee partners, Keurig Brand meets the diverse taste profiles of all its coffee users. Keurig’s partners include Celestial Seasonings, Bigelow, Twinings, Ghirardelli, Green Mountain Coffee, Diedrich, Gloria Jean’s, Timothy’s World Coffee, Van Houtte, Tully’s Coffee, Coffee People, Newman’s Own Organics, Caribou Coffee and Emeril’s this purchuase must be a no brainer. 

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