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The Gevalia Coffee Company

Gevalia Kaffe is a subsidiary owned by Kraft Foods and is the biggest coffee roastery in Scandinavia. In the United States, the company sells a membership in a coffee club that delivers premium coffee and teas directly to customers. Gevalia Coffee offers more than 40 distinct varieties of high-end coffee and tea.

Located in Gavle (which is spelled Gevalia in Latin) in Sweden, Gevalia Kaffe first arrived there in 1920 by the Victor Theodore Engwall trading company. It stayed owned by the family until it was sold to General Foods in 1971. General Foods eventually became Kraft Foods, and that’s the company that owns Gevalia today. Gevalia Coffee is mostly sold in Denmark, Sweden and the region around the Balric area.

Gevalia is represented as a mainstream brand in Northern Europe, while in the United States, it’s marketed as a premium brand. The Gevalia Kaffe company also offers a business level coffee service, with coffee available by the case or as premium singles. Gevalia is also available for the popular Tassimo Beverage System.

Gevalia began selling in the United States in 1983, offering a mail-order delivery service. Today, they are most well known for their introductory offers, where you can get a free coffeemaker, and free mugs, carafe’s, coffee, and other coffee-related gifts.

When they were first offered, these Gevalia specials were advertised in magazines, direct mailings, and on television. Now, the lead promotion method is Internet advertising, started in the early 2000s. Gevalia is the world’s most popular coffee club. In 2009, Gevalia launched a new website, marketing campaigns, and improved customer service. as a result, membership in their popular coffee club program saw explosive growth.

Gevalia currently offers more than 40 different varieties of coffee and tea. Most of these coffee varieties are Arabica blends, made from beans that come from Kenya, Guatemala, Colombia, and Costa Rica. Gevalia Kaffe, their signature coffee blend, is made up of six separate varieties of Arabica and Brazilian beans. This results in a complex flavor enjoyed by coffee drinkers.

Gevalia has made it its mission to support small farmers and green growing practices. Gevalia’s Karoma Estate coffee is grown in the Dominican Republic using green environmental practices. The farmers keep 25% of their land set aside for to protect local wildlife.

Gevalia has also formed relationships with other coffee growers in the world. In Colombia, Gevalia has worked to upgrade coffee processing methods, and improve water quality and living conditions for small farmers. In Peru, Gevalia established quality standards for Peruvian coffee and helped Peruvian farmers gain market share. This partnership resulted in the development of Peruvian organic coffee in 2002. Other Gevalia assistance include education programs and providing food and medicine to those in need.

Gevalia Coffee continues to find, blend, and roast and make available some of the finest coffees available through their Gevalia offers, keeping coffee aficionados happy, cup after cup.

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