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The Origins Of Coffee

The first person who found coffee was a goat herder and he stumbled on it without knowing what it was quite by accident before it is not sure when he actually found it.  Because of the evasiveness of his actual discovery, it is known exactly when this happened.  It is assumed that coffee was first consumed around the ninth century.

When this goat herder, who incidentally was from Ethiopia, noticed his goats were eating the berries from a certain plant, they had more energy and were jumping around and acted full of vigor.  This made him curious as to what these berries were and wanted to find out more about them.

The goat herder took the berries to some of the leaders of his village because he thought there was some thing special about the berries and that maybe they were magic.  The leaders of the tribe tried many ways to consume the berries and then boiled them where they found that by drinking the liquid from the berries they has extra energy.  This was the first time coffee was consumed as a hot drink.

This first drinking of coffee is thought to have led to the coffee beans being used a means of trade with the eastern desert countries and Ethiopia is thought to be the first to use coffee as a commodity.

Once the Arabic countries started trading the Ethiopians for coffee, they began to prize it highly and refused to trade it with anyone else.  They were also the first culture to roast the beans and then brew them from the roasted beans.

In the sixteenth century, the Dutch got a hold of some coffee beans and planted them in Java, which is where we get the name java for coffee.  This was the first transplant of successful growing of coffee and began the revolution of cultivation worldwide.

Europeans began drinking this brewed beverage around the seventeen hundreds among the higher classes.  The love of coffee grew and before long, every one was drinking coffee and it was sold much like beer was in taverns, but in cafes that were only for the consumption of coffee.

This once unknown plant has become one of the most widely drank beverages in the world.  After being introduced in the Americas, it has gained in popularity and is now grown on over four continents including the Americas, Africa and Indonesia making it one of the most highly sought after commodity in the world.

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