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Having Your Coffee With Cream

We have become over whelmed by things that are too good to be true.  One that is so phenomenal that no one can believe the high-quality that makes any thrill seeker happy with out risking life and limb.  This will make even the tastiest treat seem like an every day occurrence when compared with it.

This is the ultimate encounter for every coffee drinker who has every had the pleasure of treating themselves to it.

This is the trend of the coffee house, coffee shops, and bistro dedicated entirely to the consumption of brewed beverages such as coffee and espresso and of the drinks associated with coffee.

This has become a popular place for associates to meet and discuss issues relevant to them and has become a major leader in the off time social networks.  Friends have also begun to spend more time at these establishments as well.

In order to have success, these bistros are offering more and more to entice customers to their establishments and if they offer something that other ones do not, they will have success and plenty of custom.  The most popular will last and those that do not offer as much will not.

Getting the coffee familiarity

The main priority and what makes or breaks a bistro is the quality of the product and a bad product will not allow a bistro to stand up to a more quality bistro.  Customers will choose to only purchase their coffee and coffee related products from a bistro that serves only the best products.

Customer service is only second to quality.  A bistro that serves the highest quality product may still fail if their employees are rude or do not seem to have fun when dealing with the public.

Many bistros have added tropical drinks and flavors for their coffee in order to expand the consumers tastes and to fit the need for a little diversity in their coffee drinking enjoyment.  Of course you can still get the traditional black coffee and you can have it any way you like it as well, but there is definitely more variety available now than ever before.

You can get your coffee and espresso in a plethora of flavors these days.  Just the aromas from the different blends can make you start you day with a smile.

There are now more types of coffees that you can purchase that are mixed with different types of beverages that give you a whole new drinking experience.

You can make your coffee drinking experience better by trying new flavors and textures as much as you want.  The sky is the limit when it comes to flavored coffees.

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How to Purchase An Espresso Machine

For those who love espresso, this can be a very expensive habit if you are purchasing a cup or two of it a day.  It may be more cost effective for you to purchase an espresso machine and the ingredients to make your own espressos at home.  You may have a little out of pocket expense, but in the long run, you will save money.

1.  The first thing you need to decide on is what size will be right for you.  If you have a large family of coffee drinkers, you may want to go with a larger machine, alternatively, if you are the only espresso drinker, a smaller unit may work better.

2.  You can choose from four different types of espresso brewers for the home.

The first model uses steam to heat the water and brew the coffee.  Another would be a semi automatic that has fewer features and will require more hands on use from you in order to get your coffee going.

The easiest and most cost effective of the higher quality brewers is the automatic.  You can simply tell the brewing machine when you want your coffee to be ready and the timer will start brewing automatically.

The final brewer will run you over a thousand dollars and is meant for restaurants and coffee houses.  This unit is wholly automatic and will even dispense the foam milk without having to put it in the steamer first.

3.  There are many styles of coffee and espresso units that can be purchased.  You can go with the standard larger machines or the new sleek designs for the home that will fit with any kitchen décor.

4.  Many different types of metal have been used for coffee makers.  This is for heating the water before it brews the coffee.  By choosing a coffee maker that has a good quality heating unit, you can expect to get a long life out of your brewer.

5.  If you are going to use your brewer for espresso only, you want to make sure you purchase one that has the correct pressure type.  Industry standard is nine bars of pressure for a home brewer is all that is needed.  If you plan on brewing more espresso than one household will average, you may want to get a larger machine.

Before you go out and purchase the first espresso maker you find, do some comparison shopping to make sure you get the right machine at the right price for you.

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Taking Away the Myths of Coffee

This is a tale about Tony.  He loves coffee so very much.  Tony drinks coffee all the time so it true when I say that he absolutely loves coffee.

Tony will begin his morning with a few cups of this brewed beverage.  Even after being offered many different types of beverages, Tony only wanted to drink his favorite brew of coffee, nothing else would do for him.

The love of coffee began to become more of an obsession that that Tony was no longer able to control.  He finally swapped his coffee for a bounty of precious things that was not known to all.  But Tony got no satisfaction from his newly gained wealth, he could not stop obsessing over coffee.

He was so smitten with coffee that Tony eventually stopped eating and his only sustenance was from coffee.  Tony’s family was so worried that they had him institutionalized to have a psychological evaluation.

The many aspects of coffee

These stories though not common, do exists.  No matter what you love about coffee, it is best to drink it in moderation and to not become addicted to it’s stimulating properties.  While anything that is taken to extremes can be bad, the same can be true for anything in moderation being good as well.

Many people have been know to use coffee as way to connect socially.  It is common to see many groups of people drinking coffee while socializing.  Many would prefer to drink coffee than alcoholic beverages.

Even in large corporations coffee is offered during meetings and can be found in every break room of every company no matter how big or small.  Let us explore the other attributes of coffee.

There are many aspects of coffee that do not cause harm to the human body.  Because of the natural antioxidants, coffee can stimulate the processing of food and can even help constipation and can help with digestive problems.  There are many other positive factors to coffee that we can look at.  Coffee can be a very accommodating beverage on it’s own, what else can we use it for?

Coffee has broadened it’s horizons by adding coffee flavored candies to their list of ways to consume this great beverage.  You can even purchase espresso bean candies that taste like espresso and will give you the same energy boost as you get from coffee.

Candy that is coffee flavored has become very popular for those who may not be able to drink as much coffee as they would like.  This gives them a way to get their coffee fix when a cup is not practical.

This is the most convenient way to get your coffee fix when brewing a cup is not an option.

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The Origins Of Coffee

The first person who found coffee was a goat herder and he stumbled on it without knowing what it was quite by accident before it is not sure when he actually found it.  Because of the evasiveness of his actual discovery, it is known exactly when this happened.  It is assumed that coffee was first consumed around the ninth century.

When this goat herder, who incidentally was from Ethiopia, noticed his goats were eating the berries from a certain plant, they had more energy and were jumping around and acted full of vigor.  This made him curious as to what these berries were and wanted to find out more about them.

The goat herder took the berries to some of the leaders of his village because he thought there was some thing special about the berries and that maybe they were magic.  The leaders of the tribe tried many ways to consume the berries and then boiled them where they found that by drinking the liquid from the berries they has extra energy.  This was the first time coffee was consumed as a hot drink.

This first drinking of coffee is thought to have led to the coffee beans being used a means of trade with the eastern desert countries and Ethiopia is thought to be the first to use coffee as a commodity.

Once the Arabic countries started trading the Ethiopians for coffee, they began to prize it highly and refused to trade it with anyone else.  They were also the first culture to roast the beans and then brew them from the roasted beans.

In the sixteenth century, the Dutch got a hold of some coffee beans and planted them in Java, which is where we get the name java for coffee.  This was the first transplant of successful growing of coffee and began the revolution of cultivation worldwide.

Europeans began drinking this brewed beverage around the seventeen hundreds among the higher classes.  The love of coffee grew and before long, every one was drinking coffee and it was sold much like beer was in taverns, but in cafes that were only for the consumption of coffee.

This once unknown plant has become one of the most widely drank beverages in the world.  After being introduced in the Americas, it has gained in popularity and is now grown on over four continents including the Americas, Africa and Indonesia making it one of the most highly sought after commodity in the world.

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Substitutes For Coffee

When it comes to drinking coffee, no matter when you enjoy your cup of java, you should never over indulge in too much of it.  It can be bad for you and every thing we do must be done with in reason.

If you feel you just have to have your coffee and you would rather enjoy it when you want, there are some things you can do to insure a healthier cup of coffee no matter how much you drink of it.

Be creative and mix it up a bit.

There are many alternatives to the standard cup of joe.  Look at other options that are available to you.  Only have a cup in the morning to wake you up and then later in the day have some juice or water.  Soda is caffeinated as well so it would be best to say away from drinks that are fizzy and are caffeinated such as these.

There are many other types of drinks that are healthier for you that do not contain caffeine.  Try drinking juice or water, even flavored water, as those drinks will hydrate you and are full of vitamins that your body needs any way and water is best as it contains no calories.

Food instead of coffee

Some use coffee as a way to stay thin.  Coffee will curb an appetite, but is not healthy for you at all.

Skip the coffee and have a meal if you feel you need to.  Change your diet to reflect your desire for a healthier life style.  Eat fresh fruit if you want to maintain a healthy life style.  You will also get many vitamins your body naturally needs.  The natural sugars will also give you a boost much like the one you get from coffee.


Oatmeal is a filling change from coffee in the morning.  It is also good for your heart as it helps to lower cholesterol.  You can even choose oatmeal that has dried fruits and nuts in it that will give you added energy to prepare you for your day ahead.

Work out more regularly

If you exercise when you get up and before you start your day, you begin each morning energetic and full of vitality.  It may take some time to get used to, your body will not be used to this type of work out, but it you stick with it, you will find that will be one of your favorite morning rituals.

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Coffee Franchise vS. Building a Unique Business

Building a business from the ground floor is a very time consuming, emotionally taxing, and financially straining prospect. This is one reason that franchise businesses are so popular among those seeking the security of business ownership but not willing to risk their financial futures and security in the effort. The price that is paid for the lower risk of franchise ownership is lower profits while the business is being built in the form of franchise fees and expenses related to following the rules and requirements of the franchise organization.

The problems with building a business of your very own are plentiful. The first hurtle to overcome is that the average first time business owner doesn’t know beans about coffee much less about the market, building a business plan, or operating a business. This is problematic if you are pursuing something as specialized as coffee for your business. A coffee franchise does not only provide a product and concept for running a business but also provides valuable training on the product as well as the process of running a business. This knowledge alone is well worth the franchise fee when you choose a great partnership for your business.
Read the full story

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Coffee Quips – August 6, 2008

Interesting coffee quips in the blogosphere on August 6, 2008. Oh, look what I found:

Morning coffee and football

Not a bad combination, especially considering how the temperature gauges have showcased three digits this week. Yes. It was Breakfast at Mississippi State today, 7 am style. And that’s good for a lot of reasons. …

Starbucks Offers $2 off for Coffee Drinkers

If you are like me, you drink a lot of coffee throughout the day. Starbucks will now offer its morning customers any iced grande beverage for $2 after 2 pm You do need to buy a coffee in the morning and show proof of purchase to get $2 …

The Backpacking Coffee Solution

A great blog post about the difficulties of making fresh coffee on a backpacking trip and a great new product that may provide the perfect solution.

New Touch-Screen Computer Coffee Table by Microsoft

And you may have thought you saw just about everything with computers; Microsoft Corp, the software giant, has built a new touch-screen computer— into a coffee table design that will change the world as we view graphics while sipping a …

Home Coffee Roasting

I grew up with mediocre coffee. It was actually better than average — my mother used vacuum pots rather than the more common percolators of the 40s and 50s. But the coffee came out of a can, and I never learned to like it. …

Musings Over Morning Coffee

So here we go, about to head into Opening Day at the Olympics. What that really means is that for all the Sturm und Drang about polls moving up and down (they haven’t really done so outside of the margin of error), we haven’t changed …

One tweet or two? Drink your coffee from a Twitter mug

It’s the Twitsig mug, costs just $13.75 and it’s almost cute enough to make me start drinking coffee. But what tweet should I add? So far, my favorite is my mom’s first message on the social networking site:. "I’m Twittering! Am I?" …

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