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Coffee In Your Cup?

Cup of joe or coffee delightsThere’s nothing better than the spell of coffee in the morning, as it is brewing. The aroma wafts through the house. It always makes a smile come to your face. You may lay in the bed and can almost taste that first sip. Just the right amount of sweetener or sugar and may be, just maybe a touch of cinnamon, or a little half and half to lighten it just a hair.

Maybe you just like it black, not too strong, but not so we ak you can see through it. Whatever your preference coffee is an acquired taste. You don’t just grow up and one day say, "I’m going to drink coffee." You may start drinking it, but you go through trial and error periods, deciding which flavors are the best. Do you like it strong? Maybe you like it flavored. Coffee can be bought in any flavor you want these days.

There are flavors such as hazelnut, vanilla nut, Swiss Almond Chocolate, southern pecan, or maybe you like Irish mint, or French Vanilla. There are so many flavors to choose from, some people cannot pick just one. And if flavors are not enough to choose your taste buds, you also have blends to pick from as well. There are breakfast blends, custom roast, dark roast, French roast, classic roast, and many more.

Not to confuse you any more but not only are the blends, specials roast and flavors, but you will find that every brand adds just enough of a twist to make a difference in the taste. Flogers breakfast blend will taste different from the breakfast blend you get from Starbucks. A French roast made by Mills brother will taste different than a French roast made by Maryland club.

Learn how to make a good cup of joe here. 

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