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Coffee Espresso Maker

Thirty years ago, no one would have ever guessed that the coffee industry would be so gargantuan. Sure, for centuries now, countless men and women have enjoyed a variety of coffee beans and blends. However, who would have known that this industry would expand so much in the 1990s? At this point there are hundreds of coffee espresso makers available from various dealers online and in stores. However, not all of them function the same. There are definitely different levels when it comes to the modern coffee espresso maker or machine. What you need to ask yourself is, what kind of coffee beverages do you enjoy, and how much are you willing to spend?

Brand names like Krups, DeLonghi, and Mr. Coffee offer a good selection of drip pot machines, espresso makers, and even frappuccino machines these days. Pretty much any type of java beverage you can think up can likely be concocted in the privacy of your own home at this point. Then again, you tend to get what you pay for. Although there are coffee espresso makers for as low as $50, you cannot expect a lot from these low-priced machines. Most of them typically have the ability to make espresso and froth milk. However, it can be a slight process, and the espresso shots they create are not comparable to a local coffee house that uses a commercial grade machine.

In order to get a better idea of what is currently gracing the coffee espresso maker market, check out a few websites that offer a number of machines and drip pot makers. Some of these sites are 1stinCoffee.com, WholeLatteLove.com, and illyUSA.com. Not only do each of these websites give you the scoop on the latest coffee espresso makers and machines, but they additionally allow you to compare prices and specs. After all, each coffee espresso maker has something different to offer. Therefore it is best to do some serious shopping around prior to purchasing anything. This way you are much more likely to get what you want and will use regularly.

It is all about comparing when dealing with modern coffee espresso machines. Since your options are endless, it is best to first consider what you want the coffee maker or espresso machine to do. As you may know, there are fully automatic espresso makers, and their are manual ones that require a tad more effort. Typically fully automatic coffee espresso makers are more expensive. After all, they can produce a fine espresso shot with the push of a button. Now that is impressive! Especially when you are in the mood for a cappuccino or iced latte, and do not want to mess around with a number or procedures. There are always new specials popping up online for coffee espresso makers and machines, so be sure to look around before buying anything.

Learn about the Cuisinart EM-100 Espresso Maker.

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Well I Didn’t Know THAT About Coffee

May cause death! Experts have determined that the components of a cup of coffee can be lethal in certain quantities so if you are able to knock back up to 100 cups in a row it could give you a fatal heart attack or some sort of seizure. However, consuming 100 cups of coffee is easier said than done as the actual amount of time it would take to drink 100 cups of coffee would dilute the effect and probably just keep you up all night.

A coffee a day keeps the doctor away! Due to the variety of components in coffee, including a selection of anti-oxidants, the drink can be beneficial to your body, most importantly the digestive system. It’s about the same amount as you might find in a cup of tea, a tin of beans or a bananas but drinking too much will obviously have opposite effects.

Coffee can be a pain killer! Studies have shown that a small influx of caffeine can stimulate the release of endorphins which can block the receptors of pain; this was shown to work in muscular pain from exercise but not in cases of inflicted pain.

There is caffeine in decaf! It’s only marginal but a small amount of caffeine actually exists in decaffeinated coffee. But don’t dump your evening cappuccino as you would have to consume up to 10 cups of decaf to get the amount in one cup of ordinary coffee.

Coffee will make you thin! Although high in stimulants and caffeine, coffee actually contains no calories, however if you are going to fill up on some full fat mocha lattes then don’t expect to lose weight.

Avoid wrinkles with coffee! Due to coffee containing anti-oxidants which are beneficial to the body many skin care ‘experts’ will offer you some sort of coffee-skin-service. In Japan you can cleanse in fermented pineapple pulp mixed with coffee beans even though there is no significant evidence to prove any of this.

If you are interested in hot drinks, why not visit Benders for a selection of cool paper cups.

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Coffee In Your Cup?

Cup of joe or coffee delightsThere’s nothing better than the spell of coffee in the morning, as it is brewing. The aroma wafts through the house. It always makes a smile come to your face. You may lay in the bed and can almost taste that first sip. Just the right amount of sweetener or sugar and may be, just maybe a touch of cinnamon, or a little half and half to lighten it just a hair.

Maybe you just like it black, not too strong, but not so we ak you can see through it. Whatever your preference coffee is an acquired taste. You don’t just grow up and one day say, "I’m going to drink coffee." You may start drinking it, but you go through trial and error periods, deciding which flavors are the best. Do you like it strong? Maybe you like it flavored. Coffee can be bought in any flavor you want these days.

There are flavors such as hazelnut, vanilla nut, Swiss Almond Chocolate, southern pecan, or maybe you like Irish mint, or French Vanilla. There are so many flavors to choose from, some people cannot pick just one. And if flavors are not enough to choose your taste buds, you also have blends to pick from as well. There are breakfast blends, custom roast, dark roast, French roast, classic roast, and many more.

Not to confuse you any more but not only are the blends, specials roast and flavors, but you will find that every brand adds just enough of a twist to make a difference in the taste. Flogers breakfast blend will taste different from the breakfast blend you get from Starbucks. A French roast made by Mills brother will taste different than a French roast made by Maryland club.

Learn how to make a good cup of joe here. 

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Coffee & History

For most people coffee is a normal part of their daily routine that starts first thing in the morning. We take for granted that the coffee we love will be there for us. Most people have automatic coffee makers that are set to come on at a particular time of the morning and will then cut its self off. But do you really know how that coffee you can’t live got its start? Well let’s check it out.

Legend states that  coffee beans were discovered by an Ethiopian goat herder after noticing a playful change in his goats after eating berries from a bush near by. Kaldi, the goat herder, tasted the berries himself and got caught up in the dance and secured the coffee market’s future. In the beginning coffee was eaten and not drank as it is today. It was mixed with animal fat and energy balls were form, something akin to our power bars of today.

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Substitutes For Coffee

When it comes to drinking coffee, no matter when you enjoy your cup of java, you should never over indulge in too much of it. It can be bad for you and every thing we do must be done with in reason.

If you feel you just have to have your coffee and you would rather enjoy it when you want, there are some things you can do to insure a healthier cup of coffee no matter how much you drink of it.

Be creative and mix it up a bit.

There are many alternatives to the standard cup of joe. Look at other options that are available to you. Only have a cup in the morning to wake you up and then later in the day have some juice or water. Soda is caffeinated as well so it would be best to say away from drinks that are fizzy and are caffeinated such as these.

There are many other types of drinks that are healthier for you that do not contain caffeine. Try drinking juice or water, even flavored water, as those drinks will hydrate you and are full of vitamins that your body needs any way and water is best as it contains no calories.

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No Matter How You Brew It, It Is Just Coffee

Because of the diversity of coffee, there is no end to how it can be drank.  This has made coffee one of the most widely sought after drinks known to man.  Historically it was a hot commodity.

Coffee now can be purchased any many forms.  You can purchase coffee candy, mints and there are many types of coffee drinks that are available such as lattes and such.

This has broadened the way we would normally consume coffee.  With diversity like this, it is not hard to see why it is such a popular item.  These may be novel ways to consume coffee, but with our hustle bustle life styles of modern day man, it only makes sense to offer this great drink in more convenient ways of consumption.  The marketing of coffee goes beyond tradition coffee drinks and is revolutionizing the way we get our coffee fix.

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Today Coffee Is All Around Us

There is a young man named Ed who is a blue collar laborer.  When he has completed his daily tasks, he goes to a local restaurant.  He chooses a seat with a nice view.  The waiter brings him his menu and thanks the waiter and he politely hands the waiter back the menu.  He did not need the menu as there is only one item Ed wants and that is what he orders. 

Next we will meet Stanley, he attends the local university and has been enjoying some alcoholic beverages with his classmates.  He stops by his favorite bistro and with a purpose, heads to the front of line.  Without hesitation, he places his order for the only thing that will keep him going at this time.

Unfortunately for Stanley, he is out of luck as the one thing he has been craving is not ready yet and he will have to go else where to attain that which he seeks.

Finally we will take a look at Graves, he is an older man is a correspondent for a local news paper.  He has been walking his beat looking for news stories all day and is ready to pack it in.  His valet meets him at his apartment building and shadows him to the elevator.

After a long hard day on the job, the elevator ride seems endless.  But when he opens the door and gets a whiff of his favorite beverage, he feels a bliss that is unknown anywhere else.

The reason for introducing you to these three characters is to show what a wide range of people there are that enjoy coffee.  No matter what your age group, socio economic status or career, every one from every walk of life loves coffee and will go to any length to enjoy their favorite brew no matter where or what they have to do to get it.

Coffee was historically used to aid those who were on long trips by carriage to have the energy to continue on.  It would help put the travelers in a better mood and would increase the conversation and make for a more spirited trip for all passengers who were on the journey.

More and more are using coffee for more than just stimulation however.  In these fast paced times, many would rather relax with a nice cup of coffee and just unwind from their daily grind and stresses that all of us feel.

This wonderfully versatile drink can do more than just revive, rejuvenate and relax a person, it is also a great way to spend time with your friends in social situations as well.

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Antioxidants Are Common In Coffee

Many may think that coffee is just bad for you because of the caffeine in it, but many do not know that coffee contains antioxidants that are actually good for you if you are health conscious.

Coffee has been a target for many years as stated above because of the caffeine, but after doing more studies, it has been found that coffee actually can help certain illnesses such as depression, Parkinson’s disease and helps alleviate cavities.  This is all new information that most coffee drinkers are not aware of.

It is amazing what these researchers have found.  Coffee actually is healthier for you than apples, oranges, and even greens.  The antioxidants in coffee have more preventative qualities that are not found in most other foods that we would normally associate with being healthy.

There are many beverages that are healthy that contain caffeine.  Some are alcoholic and should be drank in moderation as with any thing that you drink.

Those who eat the coffee beans before they are roasted will ingest a substance called Chlorogenic acid.  Chlorogenic acid is a natural source of antioxidants and is one substance that aids in oxygen absorption in the body.

Black coffee contains compounds called caffeic acid, melanoidins and N-methylpyridinium that are brought about through a chemical reaction from roasting the beans.

Even if you drink your coffee with ingredients added, this will not change the chemical make up and you will still get the same effects as if you drank your coffee black.

You can even choose to drink an iced coffee from your favorite bistro and you will get the same health benefits as you would from a fresh perked cup of nice hot black coffee.

Some may think that consuming too much coffee in a day can not be good for you, before you decide to take your health in to your own hands, it is wise to discuss this with your doctor and he will let you know what is a safe amount for you to drink as all of us have different tolerances to different food types.  Certainly drinking a cup or two a day will not kill you in the long run, but you want to make sure you are not harming yourself by drinking too much.

Of course, if you have existing health issues such as pregnancy, you should not drink any beverage that contains caffeine.  Nor should your kids be allowed to consume any coffee either.

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