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Who Is The Top Coffee Producer In The World

Today Brazil is the top coffee producer of the world and how did it get to Brazil? Well it seems a spy whose talents was enlisted by the emperor of Brazil, charmed the wife of the governor of French Guiana, and she gave him a bouquet upon his departure. Inside that lovely bouquet of flowers were seedlings of the highly desirable coffee bean. Hence, coffee growth in Brazil today as we know and see it.

The only place in the United States that coffee  is grown today is the state of Hawaii. It is grown in the volcanic mountains of Kona, Kona Coffee, and is highly desirable and sought after by coffee connoisseurs.

Coffee beans are best grown in an area known as the bean belt. It circles the world between the Tropics of Capricorn and Cancer. Some of the top producing countries according to the National Coffee Association of the United States are Brazil of course, Columbia, Indonesia and Vietnam. Coffee plants prefer mild temperatures, shaded sun, lots of rain and rich soil. There growth is affected by altitudes as well as the soil and climate.

There are two basic varieties Robusta and Arabica beans, with Arabica beans being the ones discovered by the goats. However, if it is the caffeine kick you are looking for and don’t mind the bitter taste, Robusta beans offer 50% more caffeine than Arabica beans. They are also sturdier being able to withstand hotter temperatures and drier weather.

No matter what your preference, all  coffee lovers  owe a gratitude of thanks to that herd of goats and the herder from Ethiopia and the dance of the coffee bean bush so many years ago. Where would we be today without those goats and their discovery? As a country we would probably be a lot sleepier, less jittery and made grumpier. Thank you Mr. Goat Herder!


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