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Substitutes For Coffee

When it comes to drinking coffee, no matter when you enjoy your cup of java, you should never over indulge in too much of it. It can be bad for you and every thing we do must be done with in reason.

If you feel you just have to have your coffee and you would rather enjoy it when you want, there are some things you can do to insure a healthier cup of coffee no matter how much you drink of it.

Be creative and mix it up a bit.

There are many alternatives to the standard cup of joe. Look at other options that are available to you. Only have a cup in the morning to wake you up and then later in the day have some juice or water. Soda is caffeinated as well so it would be best to say away from drinks that are fizzy and are caffeinated such as these.

There are many other types of drinks that are healthier for you that do not contain caffeine. Try drinking juice or water, even flavored water, as those drinks will hydrate you and are full of vitamins that your body needs any way and water is best as it contains no calories.

Food instead of coffee

Some use coffee as a way to stay thin. Coffee will curb an appetite, but is not healthy for you at all.

Skip the coffee and have a meal if you feel you need to. Change your diet to reflect your desire for a healthier life style. Eat fresh fruit if you want to maintain a healthy life style. You will also get many vitamins your body naturally needs. The natural sugars will also give you a boost much like the one you get from coffee.


Oatmeal is a filling change from coffee in the morning. It is also good for your heart as it helps to lower cholesterol. You can even choose oatmeal that has dried fruits and nuts in it that will give you added energy to prepare you for your day ahead.

Work out more regularly

If you exercise when you get up and before you start your day, you begin each morning energetic and full of vitality. It may take some time to get used to, your body will not be used to this type of work out, but it you stick with it, you will find that will be one of your favorite morning rituals.

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