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Starbucks Customer: I’d Like A Mocha And $1 Million Please

As a blogger for Insurance School Florida I have to ask: is Starbucks to blame for a customer’s  really hot  tea burns?  He claims that the tea gave him 2nd degree burns because the packaging was  of bad quality  .  

I can  vouch  for  every one  of us when I  state that  we’ve all been burned by Starbucks’ high coffee prices .   In truth, what’s  in a cup of coffee?  99 percent water and  a few  beans  handpicked  by Juan Valdez.  If anyone should be suing it’s him .  The  guy  is like Santa Claus; he never gets a day  off from work .  I  have  an idea, maybe coffee beans wouldn’t cost so much  if Starbucks hired a  2nd  picker… Juan Jr. is  trying to find a job  and  I want him to stay  out of the coca fields.  ( Do you remember  when Coca-Cola had real cocaine in it ?  Now that’s a lawsuit.  Drink a  6-Pack,   believe  you can fly and  leap off a roof of a building  .  I digress).

If you go into a store where you know they are going to serve you a 100 degree beverage shouldn’t you  realize  there’s a  potential  danger?  If you bought bullets and shot yourself in the leg , isn’t  that  your fault?

The most famous case of coffee burns is the  ’88  McDonald’s incident where a woman settled  out-of-court  for burns she  received in the drive-thru  .  This was  blasted  through the media as the most outrageous  litigation ever seen .  To this day people mention it when discussing tort reform.  But the facts of the case were that the coffee pot  went haywire  and she got 3rd degree burns on over  50% of  her body.  You can escape a burning  inferno  and not get 3rd degree burns, so I think she  had a legitimate case  .

 Things, however, can get out of hand with the Blame Others Culture  .  Teens sue McDonalds for making them  overweight  .  What’s next, people suing Starbuck for making them too Hip?  

Starbucks  could  also have to  be concerned  about their  free wi-fi   hotspot .  I’m not kidding but  groups  of people  all over  the  globe  are suing their neighbors because they claim the wi-fi signal is making them sick .  Are we going to  isolate wi-fi  like the way McDonald’s now puts peanuts in closed baggies to protect children with peanut allergies ?  (I  purchased  a can of peanuts and  it actually had a warning  :  “May contain Peanuts.”   It better  , that’s what I paid for.)

The point of this  posting  is that some  bizarre  cases have merit, while others don’t .   In these cases it requires a judge to bring balance.   So stock up on insurance because you never know when an Epilepsy Clinic  opens shop  right next door to your Strobe Light Store .

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