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Quality Coffee Related To Several Factors

 Coffee flavor and aroma comes from the environment of where the coffee is grown .  The coffee beans are roasted to match the desires of professional coffee roasters and coffee tasters .  Varietals are from specific regions while the blends refect the fine art of blending coffee beans to create a masterpiece.  

What ends up in your coffee cup depends on several factors.   Here’s some questions to ask about your coffee: The freshness of the coffee is related to when it was roasted?  Is the coffee fresh or have the beans been allowed to dry and lose flavor.  Was the coffee freshly ground or has it been ground and exposed to the air and moisture?  Storage of your coffee is key to keeping your coffee fresher longer.  The coffee bean quality as well as the water quality impact the coffee you drink.  The manner is which you brew your coffee also affects the contents of your cup.

However, the final quality of brewed coffee is entirely dependant on the quality of coffee whether if is in the form of ground coffee, K-Cups, coffee pods, or any type of coffee for that matter.

 Though the quality of coffee is also a factor of the area of cultivation and the farming practice used, how the green beans  are stored is often the deciding factor.  Experts believe that the moisture level of raw coffee beans is as important as any other parameter.

As soon coffee beans are harvested, they have a moisture level of around 90% and this is often the deciding factor that determines the quality of green beans. Some farms harvest their coffee beans only after the fruits have turned little black in color. This is to ensure that they are fully matured in the tree itself. On the other hand, many farms harvest beans when the pods turn reddish; these ripe beans are then dried either under sun or in mechanical dryers to bring the moisture level down to about 15%.

 Storage of coffee affects the final quality of the brewed coffee  . Storing under cool and dry conditions will retain the quality of the beans. Take care to prevent excess moisture in coffee pods which sure is detrimental to the quality of coffee as fungus and mold will form on the pods.

Green beans are roasted under a particular temperature to make them ready for grinding purposes. However, the quality of ground powder is again dependant on the roasting method and temperature at which the pods are roasted. A good coffee brew is a combination of fine coffee beans and a perfected roasting method.

Then, even after all of those processes… the reality is that it’s all about the brewing .

Brewing an excellent cup of coffee is an art and this art form is perfected by many factors, including the coffee maker… but we’ll discuss that another day.

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