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Modern kitchen design

Since we have started our married life we have always dreamt of building ourselves a dream kitchen that would be just perfect. There are many methods by which you can include this style during the cabinet refacing. Be creative and if you are going for out and out contemporary look then stick to it by all the elements adhering by this solo style. A mix of both i.e. the traditional and contemporary is also preferred but sticking to one style will give the chic look you wanted to incorporate. All the kitchen elements be it the cabinets, countertops, flooring, tiles and the kitchen appliances should have a glimpse of contemporary from the fixtures. You can even logon to Toronto appliance site to check out what are the latest appliances that are being offered along with the sizes and different colors that are available which will suit your kitchen.

Kitchen cabinet set the tone of your entire cooking area. The kitchen cabinet style you select will go a long way toward creating a contemporary kitchen design. When planning a cabinet refacing, look for cabinet doors and drawers with flat fronts and limited detailing, no crown molding and sleek materials, such as laminate. Spice up your kitchen design with modern appliances, nothing says contemporary like stainless steel appliances. Look for a sleek side-by-side refrigerator and commercial range to blend with your refaced cabinets. Also look for thin stainless steel appliance door handles, Limited detailing on appliance doors and knobs. Keep in mind that shiny stainless steel appliances are in and not the subtle matte finishes. Select a look that goes with the set appliances and fixtures in your kitchen.

There exist many countertop options available in the market to suit your needs. The first that came to our mind is the stainless steel that perfectly blends in with the sleek steel fridge that we wanted to fix. The concrete was next option; this rough, hard surface gives an urban look to the kitchen. I could swear by granite however the black and green combo that we finally selected was just perfect and brought life into my kitchen. To finish it off, top up with the cabinet hardware as per your choice or matching the colors of your appliance for which you can get the information by visiting Canada appliances site.

We were tired of living the way we were in our old house so when we planned to move we wanted no stone unturned and opted for an out and out contemporary style. Kitchen is where we not only eat but were planning to entertain guests too. So we stuck to the dramatic, contemporary kitchen design, look and incorporated the style into our new kitchen design. Thanks to the Appliance warehouse it was like a life saver in our dream project.

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– Micheal Coley

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