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Microwave and it’s uses.

Gone are the days when thawing meat would take a half day or perhaps it would take time to boil water. With a microwave in the oven, you can just shove the food inside and decide if it is for cooking or if it is for defrosting. Even popping popcorns is just a press of a button if a microwave is present. The microwave is a must-have kitchen appliance in the house. It’s practically cooking anything in an instant. Imagine a kitchen without a microwave. Preparing and reheating food would take forever. A microwave is an all in one cooking domestic device which is one of the most sellable items in the consumer items division. The food and packaging industry has also developed and adapted to the microwave type of cooking. They produced ingredients and ready to eat foodstuff that are for microwave cooking. By this they are targeting a wide range of market for working mothers and for those people who always prepare food in a zip. The food packaging industry has also developed microwave friendly food packing that can efficiently transmit heat to the food in this kitchen appliance.

Going to the neighborhood one stop shop looking for a microwave could be dizzying with dozens of brands to choose from that carry various sizes and features. When choosing a home appliance one must consider the primary function of the appliance. Would the microwave oven be used as an aide then most of the cooking be at the stove or oven? Some microwaves do come as a heavy duty built which is durable enough for commercial use as if something is cooked in it at almost every hour of the day throughout the week. Buying this for domestic use would be a waste of good money and most of the features here like the programmable preset buttons won’t be put to good use.

After the discerning on the use of the microwave oven, it is good to check on the area on where it would be placed. Check the dimension of the microwave first especially if this will be wall mounted. Check on the clearances for the door to open. Another thing to be considered when choosing the size is the type of food that will be cooked inside since a regular turkey will not fit inside a small microwave oven. It is also a good thing to buy a microwave oven with a rotating carousel to cook the food evenly. Most of the brands that are available at Toronto appliances, come with a factory programmed preset buttons for cooking and thawing meat whether its beef, pork or poultry. After quite some thought we choose the GE space maker microwave oven now that what I call luxury, the service provided by appliance warehouse was so amazing. That’s not all since we treat every dollar spent on the appliance as an investment for the future; we were very pleased at the extended warranty that was given with the appliance. Canada appliances has promised to send in the service man in case of any repairs that would occur in that period. Now that’s what I would term as the value for my hard earned money.

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– Micheal Coley

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