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Low Caffeine Coffee


Tha famous chain of Vietnamese coffee shops , the source of a new emerging trend , is called Trung Nguyen. The Trung Nguyen chain has over 1,000 coffee houses and cafes in Vietnam . One thing that Trung Nguyen has been producing over the last years is their Passiona low caffeine coffee. Low caffeine coffee is part of the hot trend of new gourmet coffees because many people (about 20% of coffee and tea drinkers) find that they have a bad reaction to caffeine. Also, there’s much stress in our world today and too much caffeine often makes one just that much more stressed out. thus, the production of the naturally low caffeine coffee that is Passiona.


And this coffee truly is naturally low in caffeine– it is not “decaffeinated” . It’s not caffeine-free; it just has a lower natural caffeine content as compared to the regular coffee. The level of caffeine in Passiona is comparable to a cup of tea , roughly about 30% of the level of regular coffee . This is a very important distinction because since this coffee is not decaffeinated it has not been through the flavor-deadening bleaching process involving methyl chloride solution (a component of nail polish remover!) required to make regular coffee almost entirely caffeine free. Flavor is preserved and, possibly, so is your health–you ever drink nail polish remover?


Passiona low caffeine coffee is created by blending the Excelsa or “Chari” bean with some of the best Arabicas. Chari is not grown very much because it is hard to cultivate and process , but its value besides its flavor is that it is naturally very low in caffeine. And the Arabica beans give Passiona even more smoothness and flavor pleasant smoothness and wonderful flavor .


And what does Passiona taste like ? Wonder what does Passiona taste like ? It’s actually got a “nutty” flavor and it is rich and chocolate-like at the same time. It’s naturally moderately sweet and even has overtones of fruit flavors. Its great both hot and iced . It even goes perfectly in espresso. Best brewed in a 1:1 ratio of tablespoon to cup, Passiona can be brewed in today’s standard drip machines (best with the cone-shaped filter holder) and the French Press. It seems that gourmet coffee aficionados believe it is best brewed at low temperatures.


Many of us who love coffee have long been searching for a low caffeine coffee that still had a wondrous , rich flavor. With Vietnamese coffee fast becoming a hot new gourmet trend, perhaps it’s time for us to get our hands on some Passiona.




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