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How To Get The Caffeine Monkey Off Your Back

Caffeine is not your friend. People tend to rely on caffeine nowadays to keep them alert during the day, what they don’t seem to realize though is that it is the caffeine they are consuming which is making them tired. Caffeine is actually a drug, and the people who bounce along all day trying to get their next fix act just like users of other drugs too. Reports suggest that this is one of the most widely used drugs in the world, with up to 90% of Americans using it on a daily basis.

I know most people don’t think of it as a drug because a drug is something illegal and dirty, but that is exactly what it is, and it has a stimulant effect on the body which seems to be what most people enjoy.What people don’t realize is that just like having sugar and feeling a rush of energy, then with caffeine what goes up must come down. After the caffeine has finished working then you body is flooded with adrenaline and you are actually more tired out then before you had that coffee, that is when people have another one to prop themselves up and it goes on like that throughout the day.

I have to say one of the best thing I have done in my life is break my caffeine habit and wean myself off it. It might not be easy at first because you will get withdrawal symptoms like headaches and cravings, and now I have no tolerance for it so if I have an espresso it gives me a headache, but it makes a huge difference to your energy levels not being dependent on caffeine to prop you up. I used to wake up feeling like I hadn’t slept barely at all, and struggle downstairs as soon as possible to get some coffee in me. Now I wake up and feel refreshed, and I have energy throughout the day too because I don’t have to chase my next dose of caffeine all day long.

The best way to replace your caffeine habit is with decaffeinated coffee. Some hardcore enthusiasts will say it tastes different, but really I have never noticed the difference and have served it to people without them knowing and they have never mentioned any difference in taste. So begin by replacing one of your cups of regular coffee per day with a decaff variety, then in a few days time up that to two etc. Within a few weeks you’ll be drinking just decaff and you will feel much better for it.

If you do get withdrawal symptoms like headaches or toilet trouble then please make sure you see your doctor just so you can check everything is alright, but most of the time it is just your body trying to fix itself after all the wear and tear you have been subjecting it to with the caffeine!

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