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Hoodia Diet Pills Have Changed Weight Loss Forever.

If you ever came across the hoodia gordonii plant in Southern Africa, you would see a nasty plant that would not seem too appealing, but hoodia extract is the main substance in many hunger control products. You can also buy pure hoodia pills but the extract is certainly good enough to be used alone.

This little cactus of the Kalahari Desert has been known to the indigenous people residing there for centuries.They would consume small amounts of the hoodia plant when food was scarce or absent, and the active ingredient would decrease their hunger. Hunters would use Hoodia to suppress appetite while they caught the food that meant survival.

When scientists in the West found out about hoodia, they immediately saw how it could be helpful in weight control by shutting off appetite, cravings and other bodily signals to eat. It is believed that it works by tricking the brain into thinking you are full and shutting down the hunger and eating signals.

Some have called the tiny hypothalamus gland in the brain an “appestat” because it is like a thermostat to control perceiving hunger. When blood sugar is low, the hypothalamus detects this and sends out messages that food is needed. Hoodia pills or the extract cloak the signaling and little or no hunger is felt.

People willingly buy hoodia for several reasons, the most important being the there have been excellent results with it taken in the correct dose and form. Customers should be looking for absolutely pure hoodia without any preservatives or fillers that could be harmful or make it too weak. Many prefer hoodia pills because the plant is slow to grow yourself, and isn’t very tasty to eat on its own. Reading labels can reveal which brands have the most real hoodia and the least milk sugar or other filler.

In addition to suppressing the urges for mindless eating, hoodia also seems to make your system speed up and even seems to burn fat faster. No medical advise is required and while a drug company has a patent on the synthetic molecule , plants cannot be patented which leaves hoodia open to the market. For dieters this natural weight loss aid is safe, but anyone taking any supplement or non prescription medicine should check with a doctor first . They may even learn their doctor has tried hoodia pills too!

Phil Summers writes about health supplements, dieting, exercise and hoodia pills on a regular basis.

– Phil Summers

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