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Gourmet Coffee Varietals

If you’re someone who likes coffee, especially different types of coffee, then you might want to take a look at Gevalia Kaffe, which you may know as the Gevalia coffee club. Gevalia Kaffe introduces ten exceptional flavored coffees they have named Select Varietals. These varietals come from coffee beans carefully selected by Gevalia’s Master Coffee Taster from a variety of areas the world over the world. These exotic coffees are crafted with great expertise to produce unique and natural flavors sure to please coffee lovers who are looking to expand their coffee-drinking experience.

Gevalia Select Varietals use coffee beans produced in many different countries, including the mountainous areas of Guatemala, Colombia, Costa Rica, Jamaica, India, and Kenya. The popular Antigua varietal grows in the Guatemala Mountains at an altitude of over 3,000 feet and is among the choices offered. The beans are unique in that they tend to mature more slowly, but through a complicated production process, the coffee’s freshness and aroma are retained.

Colombia on the other hand, produces a distinct type of Arabica bean uws by Gevalia. The Colombia Arabica bean are known for a taste often referred to as sparkling and winy. Similar to other coffee beans, it grows only in mountainous areas where the climate is slightly cooler.

Costa Rica is also know for a very rare selection of coffee beans that has earned a distinguished reputation. The Costa Rica Peaberry offers a different angle to your coffee experience. These rare beans only grew on very high and cold places in Costa Rica where the soil is volcanic and very rich.

In addition to the varieties mentioned above, Gevalia Select Varietals also includes Jamacian Blue Mountain, Mocca Java, Indian Malabar, Kenya Coffee and organic offerings like Peruvian Organic and Rainforest Organic. These rare coffee selections can definitely change your understanding about good coffee.

If enjoying these special coffees sounds like something you’d be interested in, there are many special introductory Gevalia offers the company offeres to help you get started with a club membership.

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