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Good reason to own a commercial trash compactor.

If you are looking for a way to reduce waste expenses for your business and would you like to cut labor costs for material handling, this trash compactor will work wonders for you. There are various advantages why one would prefer this home appliance to choose from trash compactors in their home or business. They lower the collection costs with fewer pulls needed to remove waste materials. With less material handling involved the labor costs are reduced. Parking lots stay cleaner from reduced spills and wind blown debris. Odor control is achieved with sealed bins and odor control systems. Using one compactor verses multiple dumpsters saves space. Animals and people cannot get into the bins, so pilferage is eliminated. Sealed bins keep insects out. Because of reduced fire hazard, your insurance rates may be lower. Liquid spill control can be achieved with drains systems and sealed bins that this home appliance provides you with.

Commercial trash compactors available at Canada appliances may be used to dispose of a variety of materials. Compactable wet refuse includes food waste (including produce, meat and dairy), plant waste, and household garbage. Acceptable dry refuse includes paper and cardboard. Large items such as pallets, drums, wood crates, appliances, furniture and metal cabinets are labeled bulky waste. Some items that are considered non-compactable are stacked magazines and newspaper, bundled printer paper, books and bricks. The type of trash will determine the type of compactor that is needed to compact and store the materials.

Toronto appliances have a wide variety of all the leading brands of trash compactors available for you under one roof. The self contained variants that are available in the market, they are ideal for elimination of wet materials. To minimize unpleasant odors, Kitchen Aid compactors provide both a charcoal filter and an air freshener. When you need to get rid of stubborn odors, insert the charcoal filter and turn the switch to on. An odor-control fan will circulate air allowing the charcoal filter to trap odors. Liquid drain systems that are available will reduce the trash bags of 5 bags to one. The garbage collectors take care of lower weigth bins at disposal time as this only allows the receiver bin to be picked. Since the stationary models are firmly grounded the trash chutes are permanently attached and sealed.

Before choosing a compactor, you need to consider the volume of trash your business generates and the size of the largest items to be disposed. Because there are specialty compactors, note what type of trash will be removed, as in wet, dry or bulky. Consider the location of the compactor. Be sure it is convenient to the users and accessible to the trucks that will remove the waste. Make sure a power source is available and adequate. Familiarize yourself with the haulers equipment and choose a compactor that is compatible. Jenn Air Trash Compactors available at Canada appliance offer both stylish design and practical trash compactor features. Jenn Air offers its 15 inch trash compactors in three colors: White, Black, and Bisque. All compactor models are 15 inches in width. This model offers 1.4 cubic feet drawer capacity and features a wrap around drawer panel that provides a sleek appearance. Having the right commercial trash management system can make your business more efficient, sanitary and cost effective.

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– Micheal Coley

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