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Gift Basket Ideas

Wicker baskets are the traditional and the most popular container for making gift baskets. There are many different styles to choose from, with or without handles, stained, painted or natural finish .  There is no right or wrong answer as to what type of basket to pair with your gift, but it all depends on the type of person receiving it, and the theme of the gift basket.  Now let’s see some of the best gift basket themes and the gift items to choose.

Body Care Gift Basket – Send the gift of relaxation with a bath and body gift basket that includes your own homemade body care products like organic body butter, body scrub, cocoa lip gloss, organic homemade shampoo , lip balm, face cream and perfume. Also add some organic teas, towels, massage oils, jelly bath, restful music CD, and a book.

Coffee Gift Basket – With coffee being a way of life now , give the gift of coffee with a savory gift basket that includes some of your specialty coffees and creamers, coffee bean grinder, mug, coffee scented candles , cookies, chocolate, liquor, book about coffee and different recipes.

Gift Basket for Grandparents – It is always difficult to decide what to get your grandparents as a gift , so why not assemble some personal items from the family and put them all together in a fun wicker basket.  Include in this basket some of your family photos, scrapbook, children’s artwork and other gifts made by kids, personalized blanket, family videos, microwavable pillows and slippers, chocolate, cookies, tea or coffee, a  ï»¿ï»¿stack of notecards  or a simple ‘best grandparents’ mug.

Romantic Wedding Gift basket Instead of giving a toaster  ï»¿ as a wedding gift, consider assembling an array of gift items into large bowl that they can use later that will help make a great looking gift basket.  Include in this basket a bottle of champagne, CD of couple’s favorite song or order a special personalized song for them, engraved picture frame, scented candles, massage oils, book of poetry, chocolate (chocolate body paint is also a good idea), and coffee or tea. Use fresh or silk-rose petals as filler to add a unique romantic touch.

“Chocolate Lovers Paradise” Gift Basket – For the chocolate lover, there is no better gift to receive than an abundant gift basket filled with an array of chocolate treats.  Select some of your favorite chocolate candy, chocolate bars, chocolate mix, hot chocolate, chocolate liquor, mocha coffee mix, some exclusive pieces of chocolate , chocolate scented candles and bath products, book about chocolate history and different chocolate recipes, homemade chocolate covered strawberries, cocoa mix, chocolate cream, chocolate sauce for ice cream, chocolate covered nuts and raisins, personalized chocolate, chocolate lollipop and top it off with some chocolate chips.

Baby Shower Gift Basket – Baby showers gifts tends to look the same and blend together, but putting everything into a gift basket will make a big splash with the unique presentation.  Include some baby powder, soap, lotions, pacifier, diaper pins, box of diapers, baby wipes, baby brush, bottles, tooth fairy pillow, bottle liners, little stuffed animal, baby blanket, clothes and toys into a colorful (pink or blue) hamper that can be used in the future. 

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