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Collectibles – Sink Your Sweet Tooth Into These!

When some people were inquiring as to what gifts they should purchase for a birthday, someone stated that a friend of theirs “collects them Coca Cola things” in a southern drawl. Turns out he had a sister who was enamored with Pepsi memorabilia, which made shopping rather easy.

Many others agreed due to the fact carbonated beverage collectibles are well liked and can be found for virtually any size wallet. At the low end, even bottle caps or recent commemorative containers can be found for less than a dollar. For those with money to spend on collectibles, one of a kind objects such as the first soda vending machines easily run into five figures.

Old signs in excellent condition cause collectors to become ecstatic since most, especially wooden one, were simply worn out by outdoor use. Sometimes someone would store one of these signs in pristine shape in an attic or barn or such, and modern collectors can find a real treasure.

Not all soft drink collectibles have been around for a long time. Limited edition mugs, cans, or teddy bears can gain in value very quickly. Obviously, akin to any other collectible, rare items may be forgeries and so consumers must take care when buying.

Many replicas aren’t rip offs at all, since facsimiles authorized by the companies are sold on their own websites and just bring old and cherished designs into greater availability and affordability than the real things. You just need to know that you are buying a replica and not have it misrepresented.

Many soft drink collectibles cost much less than $20, therefore anybody can start with these great bargains and venture into the market for more valuable and collectible items at a later stage. Some choose to specialize in items that are not valuable on their own, but that are collectively worth much more. An example would be all the commemorative cans from a particular city or area. The most important thing is how much the owner values the item.

If you choose to give a soft drink collectible as a gift, try to find out what items are on the recipients wish list. You may want to enlist the help of a friend or relative who knows their collection. Determine whether you are buying an original or a replica and pay accordingly, and be sure the vendor has a good return or exchange policy. features thousands of soda pop collectibles. Browse hundreds of Coke, Pepsi and other soda pop memorabilia of every size, shape, and type. Check out our vintage Coke Cola items added daily!

– Daniel Wright

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