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For most people coffee is a normal part of their daily routine that starts first thing in the morning. We take for granted that the coffee we love will be there for us. Most people have automatic coffee makers that are set to come on at a particular time of the morning and will then cut its self off. But do you really know how that coffee you can’t live got its start? Well let’s check it out.

Legend states that  coffee beans were discovered by an Ethiopian goat herder after noticing a playful change in his goats after eating berries from a bush near by. Kaldi, the goat herder, tasted the berries himself and got caught up in the dance and secured the coffee market’s future. In the beginning coffee was eaten and not drank as it is today. It was mixed with animal fat and energy balls were form, something akin to our power bars of today.

It was not until 1000 AD that coffee first became a hot drink, by the Arabs, where the berry grew, and it seems that our Muslim friends were high on caffeine in the early days of Islam some time in the 13th century. Other than Africa and Arabia, coffee did not grow anywhere else until the 1600’s when an Indian smuggler left Mecca with seeds strapped to his chest and hence the beginning of coffee growing in India.

Most of the  coffee growth today started by some one smuggling seeds from one country another or to their home base. The Dutch were the first to have a coffee estate in the 1600’s on the Island of Java. Hmm you think that is why it is called java by some today?

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