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Coca-Cola Memorabilia Collecting: A Beginner’s Guide

Coca-Cola has been a classic since the company was founded by Joseph Biedenharn in 1894. What has helped capture the American imagination is more than just the sweet, chilly taste of authentic Coke; the plethora of collectible items that has grown up around the company is enough to confound the imagination. Original Coca-Cola memorabilia is highly treasured by those who engage in this hobby. If it has the Coke logo on it, there is someone who wants it.

Coke memorabilia of course starts with bottles, and some of the earliest are the most collectible. At first the bottles were hand blown and irregular in color, shape and even in how much they held. The very first had a wired-out cap with a rubber seal, but the rubber changed the flavor and this cap lasted only weeks. Bottles were machine made and more standard by 1910, and in 1916 the familiar shape was adapted and has been in use ever since.

There are several different Coca-Cola bottles that are valuable. They can be valuable because of their age or because they were made for an important event. When the sodas started being made in aluminum cans in the 1960’s, the old style cans also became collector’s items. If you can find a can or bottle that is unopened these can be worth more.

The cartons and cases for Coke products are also prized by many Coca-Cola memorabilia collectors. The once common six-pack cardboard holder was introduced in 1928 and one of these early packages would be greatly desired. Wooden cases have also be a desirable item for some collectors. Pairing bottles with contemporary packaging is even better.

Even Coke caps can be valuable, since these also have been used in promotions and special additions. Once, a contest awarded free cases of Coke by collecting a cap for each of the states in the US, and a complete set of these caps would today thrill a Coca Cola collector. Even within Coke collectors there are some who have very narrow specialties.

Some Coke items were licensed by the company but aren’t actual beverage items. These include china, glasses, sweat shirts, t-shirts, key chains, stuffed animals and thousands of other items over the years. An excellent source for finding Coca-Cola memorabilia is the internet. Searching the term will give literally thousands of hits and you can also find tons on popular online auction sites. Whether you are buying or selling, this is a great hobby! is the #1 online source for vintage Coca-Cola & Pepsi collectibles. You’ll find the world’s largest assortment of Coca-Cola memorabilia. New Coke memorabilia added every day. Something for every collector!

– Daniel Wright

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