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Coca-Cola Collectibles Make It A Very Merry Christmas

Many of us fail to come up with ideas when buying gifts for certain “hard-to-buy-for” friends and relatives. In such cases, it is a good idea to buy them something to enhance their existing collection of memorabilia or even gift them something that would get them started on such a collection. The familiar red logo of Coke and the collectibles associated with it appeal to most people. What’s more, these Coke collectibles come in every price range and have a wide range to choose from.

The company produces many seasonal and special items throughout the year. Many of the items, which range from clothing to coasters, are collectible. Some products cost just a few dollars, while others can cost several thousand dollars. Some collection items go up in value at an amazingly rapid pace, so make sure not to throw them away!

If your gift recipient likes vintage presents or collects other antiques, historical Coca-Cola collectibles may be an even more appealing selection as a gift. Just like the newer collectibles, old bottles, vintage signs, and vintage vending machines come in a huge range of prices and choices. A working antique vending machine can be a really charming gift and many places still bottle the proper size bottles.

Smaller items can be very affordable, even stocking stuffer prices for buttons, coasters, cards, and posters. Other Coca-Cola collectibles are intended especially for children, with a charming polar bear being a favorite. There are even toy vending machines that dispense make believe cans of soda. Caps, mittens, socks and scarves are also modestly priced and a hit with many children.

Old signs, serving trays, and posters are works of art in there own right. The company has a long tradition of using famous artists to create holiday themed art for its marketing items. These items are highly sought after jewels in many collectors’ collections. Old wooden or metal signs, in near mint condition, are considered valuable and rare finds.

Coca-Cola collectibles also fit nicely in a variety of other collections. For example, a person who collects mugs could easily add a logo mug with a special theme to his collection. No matter what the people on your gift lists collect, Coke probably makes or has made in the past items that would enhance their collections. Although this company as an all American reputation, it has also earned international appeal, so Coca-Cola merchandise makes a wonderful gift for anyone. features thousands of soda pop and Coca-Cola collectibles. New Coke memorabilia items added daily!

– Daniel Wright

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