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A Brief Analysis Of The Gaggia 102532 Espresso-Pure

The Gaggia 102532 Espresso Pure appliance would be a great machine for you for a variety of reasons. It has a chrome-plated brass portafilter and brew group, for better temperature stability. You’ll also be thrilled with it’s 55 watt pump, plus a dual heating boiler, that gives you quicker brewing times along with a frothing wand for milk. It includes a large 44-ounce container for water, which also may be taken off as necessary for filling. This machine will brew more than just espresso. Thanks to the wand by Pannerello, a number of hot beverages such as macchiatos, cappuccinos, and lattes can also be made. Or you can use it just for heating water to do tea, hot chocolate, or even instant meals such as cupped soups.

There are three separate filter baskets for pre-packaged pods, single shots and double shots. With it’s powerful pumping system you can be assured of turning out a cup of espresso with a perfect layer of cream, or even one that will be hot and bubbly. An excellent feature of this machine is an easily operable and back lit control panel and it has the capacity to brew either a single cup or two cups concurrently. An exclusive feature to the Gaggia 102532, as well as all the other models by this quality Italian designer, it has its own coffee cup warmer.

As you can see, you will benefit greatly by purchasing the 102532 espresso maker by Gaggia Pure. For those of you who must drink multiple mugs of espresso each day, but you no longer want to pay for the expensive drinks you get from commercial coffee shops, this maker is a perfect match. Should you desire the convenience of brewing an excellent cup in your own kitchen, look no further than the Gaggia 102532 Espresso-Pure. An additional benefit of this machine is its ability to produce the many other drinks which means that you do not have to purchase additional equipment and can produce an excellent selection of hot beverages from this single unit.

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